We plan litter to Bhadra!

Bhadra Rishiwa z Kaskay


Bhadra & Dharinee litter will be born in January!

Bhadra Rishiwa z Kaskay

Rishiwa Dharinee

We plan litter Anni x Rishiwa Jalus

Mating 2012/2013

K-litter 2 month old!

Fadeela & ChengXa puppies was born in 17 jaanuaril 2012!

we have 4 black & tan girls and 2 black & tan boy in

L litter

Rishiwa Fadeela x ChengXa

Rishiwa Fadeela



Huang & Fateh puppies was born in 30 detsembril 2011!

we have 3 black & tan girls, 2 black & tan boy, 1 golden boy ja 3 golden girls in

K litter

Huang Xihua x Rishiwa Fateh

Huang Xihua

Rishiwa Fateh

Rishiwa Beili & Bhadra puppies was born in 21 jaanuary! We have 2 girls with father color!!

Huang & Long-East puppies 4 week old!


Huang x Long-East litter born in 3 december 2010!

we have 2 black & tan girls, 2 black & tan boy, 1 golden boy ja 4 golden girls in H litter!

100 % Chinas blood with 5 generation FCI pedigree!

Available boy and two girl after Rishiwa Eddy!

Long-East son ChengXi

Rishiwa Ghede!

Rishiwa Geryon!

Amrita & Erawan puppies month old!

G pesakond


Fateh & Feng Shui

Puppies 2 months old!

Puppies 6 week!

Puppies 4 week!

Amrita & Bhadra puppies are born!

"20 December was born 4 girls & 8 boys.

2008 / 2009 breeding plans

We plan two litters to Bhadra

Bhadra & Amrita

We expect puppys in the middle of december!

Bhadra & Achsa

We expect puppys in the middle of january!


Pups already 3 months old!

Pups of Sakya and Ampo already 3 months old!


February 25

5 lads and 1 lass had been borne to Long-East (Shanxi)
All pups are in Dad's color.

Pups already 1 month old




On December 19, Sakya delivered 8 gals ja 5 lads!


On December 1, Amrita delivered three strong boys and five lovely daughters. The doggies will find a new home in the end of January, 2007. Contact us, if interested!

Doggies are already two months old!

Now doggies are one month old

Chandan (boy)

Chanrda (girl)


(See also Our Mating Plan 2006)

Our litter of 12/8/2005

Our litter of 12/14/2004

Mating 2013-14

M litter

L litter

K litter

J litter

I litter

H litter

G litter

F litter

E litter

D litter

C litter

B litter

A litter

L-E litter

L-EB litter