The main hobby of our kennel is Tibetan mastiffs and their breeding.

We picked the name Rishiwa for our kennel because it is made of two Tibetan words, ri and shiwa.

Ri is mountain, for we reside in Mäe ("mountain" in Estonian) farm.

Shiwa is peace, for we want to live in peace and friendship with both humans and animals.

Our farm situates in the village of Limu, a small place near Tallinn, the capital of Estonia which nonetheless had well succeeded in preserving the old-time rural milieu: scarce population and ancient woods. We own a 42 acres property of which 2.5 acres is fenced for our dogs to run and play freely.

Our first Tibetan mastiff was Nandita Sunrise, or Sunny. We bought her from Ms. Viivi-Maie Perri of Kennel Skylit in April 2003. We wanted a dog that were good with the family and a guard as well, and Sunny was all that. We all loved her, and had a new member in the family in no time.

By Viivi-Maie's recommendations we began to train our puppy already in her first summer. Ms. Urve Arik of kennel Status Benevoles, Lagedi had trained Sunny's mother as well. We visited her with the whole family, for it was a great place for both dogs and dog-owners. We made many friends at Status Benevoles to go to dog shows, and to have the doggy-talk with.

If you have been privileged with the company of a majestic and stately dog like a Tibetan Mastiff you might as well consider having another, or third, or why not even fourth or fifth dog of the kind.

So our love and affection towards Tibetans brought Sunny a golden-furred girlfriend in the spring of 2004. The new dog was Status Benevoles Fleur, a young lady from the first litter of golden-furred Tibetan Mastiffs bourn in Estonia.

In December 2004, Sunny gave birth to her first puppies. From the first Rishiwa litter, we kept Ampo the lad and Amrita the lass, and both have had success on dog shows.

All our dogs are great; they are good family dogs and love children. They are kind and protective towards their family, and they can enjoy the company of other dogs.