We plan litter to Bhadra!

Bhadra Rishiwa z Kaskay


Bhadra & Dharinee litter will be born in January!

Bhadra Rishiwa z Kaskay

Rishiwa Dharinee

We plan litter Anni x Rishiwa Jalus

Mating 2012/2013

Our young boys Jalus & Hiruko!

Rishiwa Jalus

Rishiwa Hiruko

K litter puppy Rishiwa Khampa!

Fadeela & ChengXa puppies was born in 17 jaanuaril 2012!

we have 4 black & tan girls and 2 black & tan boy in

L litter

Rishiwa Fadeela x ChengXa

Rishiwa Fadeela



Huang & Fateh puppies was born in 30 detsembril 2011!

we have 3 black & tan girls, 2 black & tan boy, 1 golden boy ja 3 golden girls in

K litter

Huang Xihua x Rishiwa Fateh

Huang Xihua

Rishiwa Fateh

Achsa is pregnant! Puppies must be born in the end of January


Huang & Long-East puppies 4 week old!


Merry Christmas!

Huang x Long-East litter born in 3 december 2010!

Rishiwa breeding plan 2010/11!

Rishiwa Feng Shui!

From F litter

Long-East son 7 week!

LEB litter

Long-East puppies are 3 week old!

LEB litter

BlackCheng 2 year old!

Rishiwa Fateh 1 year old!

Long-East puppy 11 day old!

Long-East puppies are born!

Bhaira x Long-East puppies born in 22 January.

There is 7 boy and 3 girl!

LEB litter

Amrita & Erawani puppies 40 day old!

G pesakond

Rishiwa Dharinee Estonian Champion!


Amrita puppies over 3 week!

G pesakond

Merry Christmas!

Bhadra Finland Winner 2009!

And Fadeela Junior Winner 2009!

Amrita puppies are born!

G litter

Amrita puppies born in 29 november.

There is 4 boy and 2 girl!


Fadeela 10 month old

Amrita is pregnant!

We wait puppies in the end of november

Erawan in autumn

Amrita & Fadeela

Fateh 7 month old

Rishiwa Fateh

Our new China import Huang Xihua of Long Cheng kennel 6 month old girl


Long-East son RedCheng 16 month old

F litter meeting

Our New Champions!


Estonian Champion

Latvian Champion

Lithuanian Champion

Baltic Champion


Estonian Champion

Latvian Champion

Lithuanian Champion

Baltic Champion

Russian Champion

RKF Champion


Latvian JuniorChampion

Lithuanian JuniorChampion

Puppies 6 week!

Puppies 4 week!

Amrita & Bhadra puppies are born!

"20 December was born 4 girls & 8 boys.

2008 / 2009 breeding plans

We plan two litters to Bhadra

Bhadra & Amrita

Bhadra & Achsa

Male Erawan & Bhadra


5 lads and 1 lass had been borne to Long-East (Shanxi)
All pups are in Dad's color.

Amrita's and Bagmed's pups


Pups already one month old!





On December 19, Sakya delivered 8 gals ja 5 lads!

Mating Plan 2007

Est CH, LV CH, LT CH, Balt CH, Blr CH, Rus CH, Est, JCH, LV JCH, LT JCH, Balt JCH  Rishiwa Amrita
Eyes checked & healty, hips HD AA:00

Est JCH, LV JCH, LT JCH, Balt JCH, Blrs JCH Bagmed Rishiwa Songan Campo
Eyes checked & healty, hips HD AA:11

Aprill 2007

Puppy show Tallinn, Aprill 7, 2007

Judge Wesley MacCrum

  • Rishiwa Chandan Purest Baby-class puppy

February 2007

Doggies are already two months old!

January 2007


Chandan (a boy)

Chandra (a girl)


December 2006

Puppies Have Arrived!

On December 1, Sunny delivered a litter of three strong boys and five lovely daughters.


November 2006

A new litter expected November/December, 2006

Skylit Nandita Nandita Sunrise (HD: C/D; 0/0)
Namseling Mahatma-La (HD: A/A; 0/0) POL, INTER CH

Mating Plan 2006

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